Review Pro has a feature built in for uploading emails in bulk. You can upload up to 100 phone numbers or email addresses at once to send out to your patients after a dental visit. 

Create the Excel File

Open Excel and insert a list of emails or phone numbers in the first column (A). Only use one item per line. 

Save the File as a CSV

You will want to save out the Excel file as a CSV (Comma Separated Value). There are several options for .CSV in Excel, choose the one labeled "CSV (Comma delimited)(*.csv)"

Upload to Review Pro

Login to Review Pro and go to the "Get Reviews" section. From here, you can click the "Choose File" button under Bulk Upload to add your CSV you just created.

Once uploaded, this will auto populate all those names into the Send To box on the left. Finish your email/text message and click Send.